An Interview with Zendentinyom's Creator, Elisa Garcia

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We’ve all done it. Wondered where the road could take us if we just RVed full time. Or decided to downsize and go tiny, taking that perfect abode on wheels to whatever destination our heart desires.

Zendentinyom (@zendentinyom on Instagram) has been helping people achieve their tiny dreams for 3 and a half years. A business based in Santa Barbara, CA, they have made office spaces on wheels, helped with the ultimate van builds for clients, and even produced one of my favorite tiny houses, complete with bespoke siding made to echo the mountains.

They produce “Your fully custom, architect-designed, VOC-free, luxury home away from home… on wheels.” Zendentinyom truly helps you “find your zen” and who couldn’t use that.

Owner and architect, Elisa Garcia was kind enough to grant Fern the Camper an interview about her blooming company and what it’s like to build homes that change lives.

FTC: I love the name Zendentinyom, what was your inspiration behind it?

EG: “It took me a while to think of the name. I originally started the company building tiny house trailers that were meant for meditation as well as travel. So the name represents that and it’s a play on words with “om” in place of the more common “home”. I started the company to inspire people to get present by getting out to nature as well as going inward.”

FTC: What was the toughest thing about getting Zendentinyom off the ground?

EG: “The startup was tough because we were not making our trailers in house at the time, and it was difficult finding customers who could afford to pay what we needed to charge in order to make a small profit on each trailer. Now that we’re doing the work in-house, it’s become much easier.

We have 3 full-time people on our team, and another 3 who are part-time. We have one lead millworker and electrician who oversees another craftsperson and I coordinate everyone else as well as direct the design.”

FTC: Do you live tiny yourself?

EG: “I own a converted Sprinter van which we designed and built of course as well as one of the tiny house trailers which is a mobile office.”

FTC: What’s the most off-the-wall request you’ve had for a build?

EG: “The craziest request was for a sauna and two bathtubs in a travel trailer. The owner wanted to take it to burning man and offer it as a spa during the event.”

FTC: Can people bring their own vans to convert?

EG: “Our customers provide the van and we help them determine the size that’s needed. Our typical turnaround time is 4 months but that changes depending on our workload.”

FTC: What’s next for Zendentinyom?

EG: “I also run another company that is a wellness-focused design-build firm that does spas, wellness practitioner offices, home gyms, yoga studios, and such. I’d like to take Zen Den in that direction, and offer mobile meditation and yoga studios, as well as mobile support spaces for eco-resorts and spas which don’t require a building permit since they’re mobile. Supporting people’s health and well-being to they can live life to the fullest is our mission.”

If you’d like to reach out to Zendentinyom, you can find them at and on instagram @zendentinyom.

Thank you Elisa, it has been a true pleasure to get to know you and your company.

All photos copyrighted to Zendentinyom

All writing copyrighted to Fern the Camper

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