An Interview with Trippin Traci

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

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Traci Thompson aka Trippin’ Traci on YouTube and social media has got some rather big adventures planned for her van, Casper…

“My van, Casper, is a 2014 Nissan NV200 cargo van that I’ll be using as a camper van. It’s a simple setup since I don’t have any carpentry or other building skills, but he’ll take me on trips,” says Traci.

She’s being modest again. I first saw Traci on YouTube doing some pretty impressive DIY that I would never have dreamed of taking on alone. From her quirky humor that keeps her audience lifted, to her sheer determination to enjoy the best out of life, Traci keeps us all inspired.

I asked her what she had planned and, as usual, her answer amazed me.

“I’ll be taking trips to fun and quirky places around the U.S. in my van, Casper, and attempting to conquer my phobias throughout. I enjoy Roadside Attractions, Museums, Ghost Stories, Natural Wonders, Culture, Amusement Parks, History, Old and Abandoned Buildings, and Horror Movies. Fibromyalgia, Depression and Anxiety rear their ugly heads sometimes, but I try hard to push through the symptoms and continue tripping,” says Traci.

I knew it was time to get Traci in for a formal interview. She politely agreed (even though she’s mid move through the pandemic and has her hands full).

FTC: When did you know RV living was the way of life for you?

TT: “I’ve wanted to road trip across the country since my family moved from Florida to California when I was twelve years old. We stopped at road side attractions and natural wonders along the way and I fell in love. Then, we rented a class c motorhome for a camping trip and my dream evolved into RVing. When I started to research motorhomes later in life, I discovered YouTube channels about full time RV life and the dream evolved yet again.

FTC: Can you tell us a little about your YouTube channel... what inspired you to start it?

TT: “I take my subscribers to fun, quirky and spooky places, and share my personal life stories with them. Watching other nomadic YouTubers inspired me to start my own channel. Due to health challenges, I can’t maintain a normal job. My channel provides me with an opportunity to help others who suffer from fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression, to supplement my income, and to do things that I love like travel and create videos.”

FTC: What advice would you give someone else when choosing their RV?

TT: “I haven’t traveled or lived in my van long enough to offer advice, but I would definitely recommend renting various types of rigs before making a decision.

“I haven’t gone full time yet, but I can imagine the most challenging thing in my van will be not having a toilet.”

FTC: What’s been the most rewarding thing about RV living?

TT: “Traveling and spending time in nature helps to relieve my anxiety and depression. The Grand Canyon was my most epic destination.”

FTC: If you could go back in time and change anything about the RV experience that you had... what would it be?

TT: “I desperately need an A/C unit for my van.”

FTC: What’s your top luxury in the RV and what's your most essential?

TT: “My top luxury in the van is the sink and simple water system that I installed."

FTC: What’s next in your adventure?

TT: “I’ll be taking my first road trip in October when ’ll be flying solo up to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and back to my home base in Georgia. A few of the destinations that I’ll explore along the way are Chimney Rock, Asheville, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Stone Mountain..”

You can follow Traci on Instagram HERE and on YouTube HERE.

All photos credited to Tripin’ Traci.

All words Copyrighted to Fern the Camper


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