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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

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What is the best wedding gift for your new husband? Why a 1974 Serro Scotty Hilander of course! What started as a wedding gift evolved very quickly into a magical (truly, magical, it’s Harry Potter themed) retro camper complete with its own business created by Jamie and her husband.

When I first saw Lucy the Glamper, I was smitten. Not only by the camper, the décor and all the charm that the Hilander brought, but also the designs that Jamie created in her stickers both for

her own sticker for Lucy the Glamper, and for all the designs she makes for others in the RV community. (Be sure to check out our article on the RV Sticker Club HERE).

I caught up with Jamie and her sweet camper on Instagram and she kindly granted Fern the Camper an interview.

FTC: Tell us about Lucy The Glamper - how long did you have her and when did you know which tiny trailer was the one for you?

LTG: “Lucy The Glamper is a 1974 Serro Scotty Hilander. She was a wedding gift to my husband and I from our Glamper Sisters in September of 2018. It was love at first sight! We immediately got to work on her renovation. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so it was a no brainer- she was meant to be Harry Potter themed! Most of her décor was made by my me and/or my husband.”

FTC: Tell us about your awesome designs! When did you start designing for others?

LTG: “I kept seeing these stickers being traded for RV-Sticker club on Instagram, and I wanted them all! But to trade, you first need a sticker of your own. I used several graphic design apps to create one for Lucy. I enjoyed making Lucy’s so much that I made one for each of my Glamper Sister’s. Once those were shared to the Instagram page my message box started filling up!”

FTC: What was your first design like?

LTG: “My first design was for my own camper, Lucy. Since Lucy is Harry Potter themed, I wanted her sticker to feature my favorite HP items. Once I got the basics of the camper down- shape, color, special decals- I started thinking on the background, and it had to be Hogwarts! The background is an outline of the Hogwarts castle with a forest silhouette. I added my own design of the Deathly Hallows symbol, with “Accio Adventure” in Harry Potter font. “Accio” is the summoning charm from the books. When it all came together it was a perfect representation of our camper.”

FTC: How does tiny trailer life and glamping influence your work and life?

LTG: “I have a wonderful husband, a 9-month old son, and I work full time in real estate. My husband and I love projects! Not only do we make personalized camper keychains, ornaments, and magnets - but now designing logos has become a full-time job.

“Glamping is more than just a fun hobby. It is a way to express yourself and your creativity while also getting to spend time in the beautiful outdoors with people you enjoy being around. We are always planning our next trip or get together.

“Winter is not the best time to camp, so this past winter we coordinated a Vintage Camper Christmas Village at our Glamper Sister’s farmhouse. We all decorated our campers in Christmas décor, enjoyed a bonfire, and exchanged gifts! We take every opportunity to get the campers out.”

FTC: What are you most proud of making?

LTG: “I have always enjoyed party planning, and DIY projects. My husband is very creative, and I have always admired his ability to make something special and extraordinary. If I am most proud of anything, it is the business he and I have created together.”

FTC: What was your first camping adventure like?

LTG: “Oh, what a fun story. Lucy’s first outing was in June of 2019. We packed her up and headed out. We were about 15 minutes into our drive to Little Arrow when the door flew open on the interstate. The impact broke the glass in the door, created a leak, and knocked out the electrical. Did I mention I was 7 months pregnant? Luckily, we were able to get some electricity to run ac and stay comfortable. Despite it all, we had a wonderful trip with our family and friends.”

FTC: Where's the place you find yourself returning to again and again?

LTG: “Unfortunately, Lucy became camp ready while I was very pregnant! We have only taken her out a handful of times. We haven’t had a chance to revisit any of the campsites yet, but we look forward to many return trips in the future.”

FTC: What advice can you give other artists who are just starting out?

LTG: “You do not know what you are capable of until you try.”

FTC: When starting your business, what was your biggest breakthrough or ah ha moment?

LTG: “Lucy’s sticker is my ah ha moment. Once I completed her sticker, my confidence level boosted, and I was eager to complete more designs. Luckily, I had all the Glamper Sister’s lined up for practice.”

FTC: What's next? Hopefully more designs!

LTG: “Hopefully more designs! My goal with every design is to make each one unique and personal. All of our products are now available on our website, and our logos will soon be available through our Etsy account.”

If you’d like to know more about Jamie and Lucy The Glamper, be sure to check out their website HERE, find her designs for sale on Etsy HERE, Instagram HERE and Facebook HERE.

Now that you’re inspired, go out and get camping! Oh, and browse through Jamie’s designs while you’ve got internet connectivity 😊

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