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I first met Happy Place Camping (Jessie, Felicity and their boxer dog, Darbi) on Instagram and was immediately taken by their keen sense of adventure and the sweet use of their tiny trailer… a 6x10 cargo trailer that had been converted into a camper using repurposed materials. As empty nesters (they have to adult children), the tiny trailer is just right for them. “We think it’s perfect for the trips we currently take.”

Naturally, I had to interview them! As a tiny trailer owner, I always love seeing the variations other campers have with their own trailers and I was dying to know more about the adventures Felicity and Jessie have experienced in it.

FTC: What can’t you live without when camping?

HPC: “For Felicity it's coffee. We have an electric coffee maker for when we're plugged in and a Java drip maker for when we're not. For Jessie it's a fan. Always need to have a fan going for sound and a breeze.”

FTC: What has been your most epic adventure in the camper?

HPC: “Camping right in the beach in Texas. We were able to park within about 5 or 6 feet of where the water come up on the sand. It was amazing.”

FTC: Where would you go if you had one place left to visit?

HPC: “For Jessie it would be the Grand Tetons. For Felicity it would be the Oregon coast. Guess we'll have to take separate trips lol.”

FTC: What tips can you give to someone thinking about finding their own happy place camping?

HPC: “Jessie says Make sure your camping with someone you love. Felicity agrees, but adds to make sure you're choosing a rig to fit your needs.”

FTC: Which place do you find yourself returning to again and again?

HPC: “Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas. There's several great campgrounds there and the lake is clear and beautiful.”

FTC: What sparked your love of adventure and what was your first camping experience like?

HPC: “Our first together was in a little pup tent. It was kind of miserable lol. We didn't have any kind of sleep mat and was right in the ground. The tent was so small we barely fit lol.

“We love being outdoors and we love to travel, but we like the privacy and convenience of a camper rather than being in a hotel.”

FTC: What's your most epic camping food?

HPC: “Spam lol. No, seriously. We love biscuits and gravy. Felicity will make homemade biscuits to take and we buy canned sausage gravy, which is really tasty. Makes an awesome dish for any meal of the day.”

If you want to see more of Happy Place Camping, you can find some epic shots on Instagram HERE, and if you want to see their videos, find them on YouTube HERE.

I loved getting to know Felicity and Jessie and can’t get enough of their adventures! If you enjoyed learning about them and their adventures, please to reach out and let them know via their links above.

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Keep Camping!

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