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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

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Tucker and Janae McCormick were newlyweds when they went full time in their 5th wheel. “We started full-time RV life right after we got married so the transition for us wasn’t very hard. We didn’t have a house to sell and both of us had minimal possessions,” says Janae.

Fast forward through time and Tucker and Janae are not only loving the full time RV lifestyle, but are preparing to downsize from a 42ft 5th wheel to a 37ft 2021 Keystone Montana High Country 335BH and have become ambassadors for the company.

I caught up with the McCormicks on Instagram and they kindly granted me an interview.

FTC: When did you know that was the right one for you?

AWT: We originally started with a much larger 5th wheel. We decided to downsize and started looking through catalogs at different floor plans. We knew we wanted to stay with a Keystone 5th wheel and we loved our Montana High Country so we really wanted to stay with the same make. I saw the 335BH layout in a catalog and we decided we wanted to see it in person. We drove to a nearby dealership that had that model. We walked inside and immediately knew it was going to be the trailer for us!

FTC: Tell us a bit about being a 2020 Keystone RV Company Ambassador? How did it come about?

AWT: Keystone put out an application with the opportunity to apply to become ambassadors. We were contacted and told that we had been chosen!

FTC: Is there anything you would have done differently?

AWT: We probably would have gotten a smaller trailer from the beginning. Starting off as newbies we thought we would need as much space as possible and we got a giant 42’ 5th wheel. We are now downsizing to a 37’ 5th wheel as we’ve realized we didn’t need that much space. Plus, the larger trailer is harder to maneuver when parking and in tight spaces.

FTC: What was your first camping experience like?

AWT: Our first camping experience itself was great, but getting there turned out to be quite eventful! We ended up not being able to stay where we had originally planned to due to lack of cell service, plus we almost ran out of fuel! We finally found a gas station and were able to find an open RV park nearby. We ended up having a great time once we got past the stress of the trip there!

FTC: Where would you go (or return to) if you had only one place left to travel to?

AWT: Hmm…this one is hard! We’ve really been wanting to go to Montana lately, specifically Glacier National Park so I would probably have to say there.

FTC: What advice would you give to anyone else thinking of taking the full time plunge?

AWT: Just do it! All the little details that you might be stressing about will work themselves out! You won’t regret it!

FTC: Any extra tips for living full time and working remotely?

AWT: Enjoy every day and don’t take this opportunity for granted. Working remotely, it can be challenging to keep focused. Especially staying in so many beautiful places!

FTC: What’s next for you in your life adventure?

AWT: Next for us will be picking up our new trailer and hitting the road again! We’re super excited after being stationary for over 7 months!

We're excited about following along on Adventures with TuckNae's travels and if you'd like to too, be sure to visit their WEBSITE, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and their YouTube channel!

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All photos credit to Adventures with TuckNae

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